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This is the Wiki for Voregotten Realm MUCK.

It will hopefully expand into a comprehensive help system and a great resource for generic information about the MUCK.

All users are welcome to contribute !!!


Any MUCK user is welcome to edit and expand this Wiki. To do so, please first Login or Register (link at the top of the page): when registering the Wiki asks you for a name and password, and will return you an Id (write down this Id as you will need it, along your password, to login next time).

Once registered and logged in, you may start and edit the Wiki: just go to the page of your choice and click on the "Edit text of this page" link at the bottom, or click on any "?" link to create and edit a new page.

Here are the Text formatting rules for this Wiki:

Basic Text Formatting:

Entering text on a wiki can be done simply. Follow these guidelines:


Wiki Pages

You can link to a page by removing the spaces between two or more words, and starting each word with a capital letter. For instance, VoregottenRealmWiki? is a sample of page link.

People abhorring PascalCase can use a free link: surround text with two pairs of square brackets like [[Voregotten Realm Wiki]] (result: Voregotten Realm Wiki). This allows all-downcase or atomic capitalized names as well as strange names including punctuation.

Non-existent pages will be displayed with a question mark link. The question mark link indicates the page doesn't exist yet; follow the link to create and edit the page.

External URLs

On-site URLs

Please note that for on-site URLs, the protocol must be https (not http).

This Wiki uses a custom (modified/debugged) version of the UseModMod Wiki Perl script, itself based on UseMod Wiki... I guess we could call this script UseModModMod... :-P

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