Borax's Bots

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There are two bots in Borax's area.

To get to Borax's area, start on the Voregotten Island - Creek. (use the map to find that. on the eastern shore). Follow the Trail to the cliff base, and go north to the docks, and north again until you are by an old warehouse.

Bot #1: Kurgon: A fairly nasty old hyena. From the warehouse, go east out to the pier, then up the gangplank. He won't eat you right away, you need to provoke him a bit (It doesn't take much) before he'll try and swallow anyone.

Bot #2: Arctor: A much nicer wolftaur, he's gentle, but he does get hungry. From the warehouse, go west into the warehouse. If Arctor is not busy, he will show up in a few seconds. He's alot more complex than Kurgon; you'll have to interact with him more before he will eat you, and if you ask right, he'll give you a small tour of the area. The code that drives him needs more work, so if he seems to be posing similar things over agian, you may have to say different things to get him into a more hungry mood.

Just a note, if you rush through the bot's digestive tract, strange things may happen, that's a bug I need to fix. Also, right now there is only one path through them, I was more working on the style of how they interact before swallowing rather than the inside part, I'll try and add more to that later.

Also, if you have an alt, have them stand by after one character is swallowed, you'll see the bot's reacting occasionally as their meals are digested.

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