Voregotten Realm - MUCK Web access help




I tried to make them the lowest possible, but there are still a few prerequisites about your browser:

  • Any reasonnably recent, HTML 4 capable-browser should work... It must support CSS, iframes and Javascript (and either of XMLHttpRequest() and ActiveXObject() methods), and Javascript must be enabled in it.
  • The size of the browser window should be at least 850 pixels large or you might find it difficult to read the output screen; the interface was optimized for a 1024x768 screen.

The web interface does not make any use of cookies, popup windows or other invasive and annoying "features".

The interface was so far tested successfully with Firefox v24 and later, and Internet Explorer 9 (IE8 or older is known to be plain incompatible due to serious bugs in it).


Logging in:


Here is the link for the login screen (bookmark it...): Voregotten Realm MUCK - Web access. Enter your character name (or for a guest access enter nothing, or "guest") and your password (none needed for guests), then press the "Login" button (or the ENTER key). After a few seconds you should be presented with the chat window containing the output frame at the top and the input frame at the bottom.

Unless you are a guest, you will be teleported automatically into the Voregotten Park, which is a sort of multi-room vore chat (all rooms are public, they are themed, and adult-play is allowed in them unlike the other public areas of the MUCK). It is of course possible to leave the Park: just type bro to go to the Forest of Broceliande (meeting/socializing area), or use any MUCK command (tport, gohome, etc...) as you see fit. Guests will be allowed to visit the MUCK, but can't enter the Park (this is because their age can't be verified).


The output frame:


It is refreshed automatically whenever needed and a check for new text is done every 5 seconds.
The ANSI colours and attributes are also rendered.
The screen is scrolled automatically to the last line whenever a refresh is performed (i.e. when new text is actually appended to the output frame) but in between text refreshes you may scroll backwards without seeing it autoscrolled again every few seconds (unless the activity in the room is very high, of course).


The input frame:


This is where you can interact with the MUCK and control the chat screen. This frame got the following elements in it:

  • The input line: it accepts up to 4096 characters and allows you to send one MUCK command at a time. For example, to say "Hello !", you type: say Hello ! or "Hello !
  • The "Send" button: to send the command you typed in, you may either click on this button or press the ENTER key.
  • The "Erase" button: when you press this button, the contents of the input line is cleared... and impossible to recover, so beware !
  • The "Quit" button: you should always press it before leaving the MUCK (i.e. before either closing the window or browsing to another site) as it is the only way to ensure that your character is disconnected properly. Should you fail to 'Quit', your character will stay uselessly connected to the MUCK until it boots it off (which happens after 4 hours of idling).
  • The "Logs" link: to the logs repository.
  • The "Help" link: to display this page...



  • Is it possible to avoid being teleported into the Park at each new connection ?
    Yes, simply set the zap2park? flag to "no", like this: @set me=_prefs/zap2park?:no

  • Why didn't I get teleported into the Park this time ?
    Either you already set the flag as described above, or you logged in as a guest, or you were held into a bellyroom, or you were leashed/anchored (see sm #who), or you did not yet agree to the terms of the AUP.