Help for the 'monster' command

|   The Random Beastie Gobbler   |
|                                |
| Created by                     |
|      Freaky of Latex Blue Muck |
|                                |

    monster #setup       to configure for this room.
    monster #disable     to disable the program in this room.
    monster #enable      to re-enable the program in this room.
    monster #immune      to make you immune to attacks in rooms you own.
    monster #lock <lock> to make/prevent specific people being attacked (*).
    monster #unlock      to remove a lock.

(*) This means that if you use monster #lock !*MyFriendPaul, when
    the player MyFriendPaul enters the room the monsters will NOT attack him.
    Similarily, if you use monster #lock *MrAnnoying then ONLY the player
    MrAnnoying will get attacked.

Warning, this code is still in beta!

This version implements full ANSI colors/attributes support ! :-)
The program makes use of your ANSI defaults for errors and standard reports:
  @set me=_prefs/ansi/error:<A><F><B>
  @set me=_prefs/ansi/report:<A><F><B>
(see 'ansi #help2' for <A>, <F> and <B> values).

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