Help for the 'far-TRaM.muf' program

FAR-TRAM.MUF v0.2h by Stevie @ FurryMUCK <>
Based on remotetram.muf by Europan@FurToonia. Modified without permission.
Some more modifications by Henri @ Voregotten Realm.

See the main TRaM documentation for all the necessary properties required
regarding the ACTION and the LIBRARY.

Once the properties are set, @link the ACTION to this program rather than
the regular tram-start.  Now you may TRaM victims in the same room as you
if they allow it.  Players must execute the following @set commands in order
to allow remote TRaMs:

  @set me=_prefs/TRaM/ok:yes
  @set me=_prefs/TRaM/remoteok:yes

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