Here are the known bugs in the current version of the MUCK server:
1.- There is sometimes a problem with MPI evaluation during _listen events on
    zombies when the owner is in the same room as their zombie: {&arg} and
    {&cmd} are not always evaluated and return an empty string. So far, I could
    not figure out why it only happens in some rooms... A work around has been
    implemented for the 'jbot.muf' program ('bot' command) which cures this bug
    for bots, but if you happen to use another program triggered by a _listen
    event on the zombie, you may encounter this bug: in this case report the
    problem to me so that I can implement the same work around into the program
    in question...
2.- There is a name matching bug in some built-in commands of the MUCK. This
    bug is triggered when you try to use the said commands with an object which
    name contains spaces, and which first word in that name matches an action
    name (be it an action/exit on you, the room where you stand, or a global
    command). For instance, should you '@create Staff key', trying to issue a
    '@lock Staff key=me' will fail with a "Permission denied" error, and typing
    'ex Staff key' will report "Owner: One". That's because there is a 'staff'
    global command on the MUCK, and the server erroneously matched it for the
    "Staff key" parameter of '@lock' and 'ex'. There are two possible work
    around for that bug:
    a.- Get rid of the spaces in the thing name with, for example:
        @name staff key=Staff_Key
        @name staff key=StaffKey
        Interestingly enough, '@name' doesn't seem affected by that name
        matching bug...
    b.- Use the #dbref of the object instead of its name with the affected
        commands. If you hold the object, typing 'i' or 'l me' will list it
        together with its #dbref number. If the object is in the room, just 'l'
        ('look') to see it listed with its #dbref in the room's contents (if
        you can't see the #dbref, this is either because you don't control the
        object, or because you set yourself "silent", '@set me=!s' would change
    Needless to say that the first work around is the best and preferred one,
    as the second wouldn't be of any help to users not controlling the object
    (i.e. anyone but you and the wizards, unless the object is set CHOWN_OK).
If you find what you think are other MUCK server bugs, please report them to me
(page or page #mail 'One').

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