By granting you the status of wizard (hereafter called 'wiz') or helpstaff
member (hereafter called 'helpstaffer'), the owner of the MUCK (hereafter
referred as 'One') places his trust in you. Your status enables you with some
power over the MUCK and its users, but it also implies that you have many added
responsibilities towards the MUCK owner and users. This document is the policy
which any wiz or helpstaffer must follow. Failure to abide this policy or any
violation of the rules implemented in it will result in sanctions being taken,
ranging from a simple warning to @toading, depending on the offense and
following the sole decision of One.
- You are a servant of the People, the People are NOT your servants; their
  needs come before your own. Remember that as a wiz/helpstaffer you are one of
  the representatives of the MUCK, the users will watch your actions and draw
  conclusions from them on what is allowed and not allowed. Please avoid "do
  as I say, not as I do" speeches, as the users will go by the example set for
- You will respect thouroughly the players' privacy. The fact that some wiz/
  helpstaffer tools entitle you to read private properties on characters or
  objects does NOT give you the right to do so unless you do need it AS A
  WIZ/HELPSTAFF to solve a problem or fulfil a request of the character/object
  owner. Violation of any player's privacy will result in an IMMEDIATE @toading
  (proof of the violation will be collected by One, via the examination of the
  MUCK server technical logs).
- You will respect the player's rights to roleplay within the limits set in the
  MUCK AUP and policies, but you will also enforce the MUCK AUP and policies
  whenever needed, in your field of expertise, and will report any violation
  you are not able/expected to deal with to the appropriate wiz/helpstaffer.
- In any situation where you are called upon to make a decision regarding a
  problem, you will do so impartially. If you are personnally involved in the
  problem being dealt with, you must refrain from taking any decision without
  first reporting the issue to One. It is always wise to ask for other wizzes'
  or helpstaffers' advice for help in arbitrating a decision. If you are unable
  to deal with ANY situation, ask for assistance from the other wizzes and
  helpstaffers. Do NOT attempt something on your own that you have no
  experience with.
- Your views as a player are irrelevant as a wiz/helpstaffer. You will refrain
  from stating your personal views and objectives unless specifically asked
  and, if you are asked, you will present them in a format that is not
  offensive or combatative. Furthermore, another player's beliefs are not
  grounds for @toading or other harrassment of the player.
- Your actions are your own. If another player causes you to become enraged and
  you punish them, you will be responsible for that in full towards One.
- On duty vs off duty: wizzes and helpstaffers are expected to be regulars on
  the MUCK and in active duty. Off Duty means you are not a wiz/helpstaffer at
  the moment. That does not mean you can be rude, or cause problems. It just
  means that you are taking a break. If a user pages you while off duty, just
  refer them to an on duty wiz, or offer to page-mail them a response. This
  does not mean, if it is an emergency, to ignore the situation; it is indeed
  sometimes best to just deal with the user and move on. If you are to go AFK,
  set yourself off-duty: a player should not wait after your return to receive
  an anwser to their question/concern, while thinking that you are at your
- Dealing with others: always, and without question, be polite. Inevitably you
  will encounter a player who, for whatever reason, is not nice. The wrong way
  to deal with a player who is rude, brutish, nasty, obnoxious, etc. is to
  return the behaviour, make threats, call names, and other unpleasantries. Be
  polite and civil in all cases, as you will invariably maintain control of the
  situation if you do. If the person harrasses you (see below for more on what
  constitutes harrassment), tell them (via page or whisper, and do so firmly,
  but politely) to cease. If they continue, make a log file and submit it to
  the player relations helpstaff and to One. Do not stay around and take more
  abuse. Submit the log file and leave. If they continue to page you, ignore
  them. Do not engage with persons if they continue the behaviour after you
  have asked them to cease.
  Communicating via a written medium is difficult: your interlocutors don't
  see you, neither do they hear the tone of your voice. They can't therefore
  sense objectively what emotions you are having while speaking to them, they
  can only guess. Even a very polite and respectful phrase can be perceived as
  ironic. To lift any misunderstanding, the use of smileys is highly encouraged
  (but don't add a smiley after each of your phrases, else it becomes pretty
  much irrelevant and you'll not be able to emphasize the emotions properly
  when actually needed). ;-)
- Dealing with harassments: first the definition of harassment: a course of
  conduct directed at a specific person that causes -substantial- emotional
  distress in such a person and serves no legitimate purpose. Hence a player
  threatening you in any way, making slurs of any kind regarding any facet of
  your person (i.e. sex, race, religion, sexual preference) or any obvious
  sexual advance (without OOC consent) is considered harassment. In this
  definition, the key word is "substantial". Someone calling you an "asshole"
  or "bitch" in a volatile situation is not reasonably considered to cause
  substantial emotional distress. If you're in doubt about what harassment is,
  contact the player relations helpsatffers or One.
- Basic help: wizzes and helpstaffers are to provide help in their field of
  expertise but they are not expected to answer questions they don't know the
  answer to. However, the worst answer to a question is "I don't know". Instead
  say "Let me check on that" or "I'll get back to you". It makes the user feel
  less like you are blowing them off. If it is way over your head, refer them
  to another wiz/helpstaffer, but do your best to help.
- Players relations: a players relations helpstaffer or wiz is to help and ease
  the relations between the players on the MUCK, and to solve conflicts.
  Character creation and registration class: only the wizzes can create new
  characters, but the players relations helpstaffers are entitled to change
  the registration class of each character: a user can see their character(s)
  set to the legacy "trainee" status as a sanction for a violation of the AUP
  or policies: such a sanction MUST be reported to One by the players relations
  helpstaffer/wiz who changed the user's status.
- Builders: a builder wiz or helpstaffer is to help the users with building,
  to build areas for the MUCK and public use, and to have the knowledge of the
  MUCK's linkable areas so to help the users to link (or move) their rooms to
  these areas. They also ensure that the linked buildings are matching the
  theme of the area they are linked (or to be linked) to; a builder helpstaffer
  or wiz is entitled to refuse to link a given room if its description and/or
  contents do not match the theme of the area the user wants it to be linked
  in. Should this lead to a conflict with the player, One will make the final
  decision and the problem must therefore be relayed to him. Builder wizzes and
  helpstaffers are also allowed to pinpoint the rooms already linked and not
  matching a given area; in this case, they must first try and find a solution
  with the owner of the said rooms, proposing a panel of adequate measures and
  letting the owner decide which one is to be applied.
- MPI: an MPI wiz or helpstaffer is expected to help the users with more basic
  MPI as time permits. An MPI helpstaffer should often try to code new and
  interesting things to improve upon areas already built and those that the
  builder helpstaffers are working on. MPI helpstaffers are expected to help
  the users if they have MPI problems pertaining to the MUCK, or a user's
  character. If it is to do with another MUCK, it is up to the helpstaffer's
  discretion. MPI wizzes and helpstaffers are also allowed to pinpoint any
  abuse of a user's MPI programs that could threaten the privacy of the other
  users and to disable such code until a proper agreement is reached with its
- MUF: a MUF wiz or helpstaffer has the same responsibilities than a MPI wiz or
  helpstaffer, but applied to MUF programs. There is currently only one MUF wiz
  (One) and no MUF helpstaffer.
A number of commands are implemented, allowing the wizzes and helpstaffers to
achieve their duties and solve the problems in their own area of responsibilies
and expertise. Below is a "who can do what" table:
                                      | Wizards |          Helpstaff          |
                                      | MUF/MPI +---------+---------+---------+
+-------------------------------------+Building |   MPI   |Building | Players |
|         Commands/features           |Relations|         |         |relations|
| helpstaff command settings          |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |
| staff chat channel access           |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |
| @bulletin administration            |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |
| @info on all characters             |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |
| @whoall                             |   yes   |   no    |   no    |   no    |
| character @creation/@toading/@purge |   yes   |   no    |   no    |   no    |
| player registration status changes  |   yes   |   no    |   no    |   yes   |
| @propren, @propmut                  |   yes   |   no    |   no    |   no    |
| @rr (rooms reports)                 |   yes   |   no    |   yes   |   no    |
| @property reading/setting on chars  |   yes   |   yes   |   no    |   no    |
| @property reading/setting on things |   yes   |   yes   |   no    |   no    |
| @property reading/setting on rooms  |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |   no    |
| @property reading/setting on exits  |   yes   |   yes   |   yes   |   no    |
| extended @backlink'ing of rooms     |   yes   |   no    |   yes   |   no    |
| bots #level setting                 |   yes   |   yes   |   no    |   no    |

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