The MUCK public areas are logged and the logs are available to registered users
only (same login and password as on the MUCK to enter the web site) here:
for the Voregotten Land and the Voregotten Island, and here:
for the Voregotten Park and the Slavers' Island.
You may also setup your own rooms so that a private log (accessible by you and
the ones to whom you will choose to give the log filename) is maintained. These
private logs may be retreived from here:
NOTE: The database holding the logins/passwords for the logs website is updated
      every 12 hours, so it will take at most 12 hours for a change of your
      name/password (case sensitive !) on the MUCK to propagate to the website.
Tips for "privacy fanatics" and "paranoid" users ;-P
- First, what is logged exactly ?
The logging program logs everything a third person would see with a character
present in the room you are in. All poses, posts, OOCs and spoofs are logged,
as well as all @osucc and @odrop messages issued by the various actions and
commands executed by the characters in the logged room. For the techies among
you, the logging routine is called via a "_listen" event on the room.
Of course, whispers and pages are _NOT_ logged (they are not notified to the
room itself and can't therefore be caught by the "_listen" event). The same is
true for 'places', for which everything said with 'pp' and 'pooc' is not
- I dislike it ! How can I prevent myself to get logged ?
If you don't want your character's poses/posts/OOCs to appear in the public
logs, you may use the '@log #hide' command so to mark yourself as "hidden"
(note that this "hidden" flag is NOT taken into account for the logging in the
Park and in the private areas). BEWARE: your spoofs are still being logged when
you are "hidden"; only the lines starting with your character's name (or with
"(OOC) " followed with your character's name) are skipped by the logging
routine (this is due to the way the logging is implemented and _cannot_ be
- Why are not the Park and the private areas honouring the "hidden" flag ?
For the Park, it's because it is setup as a public playground similar to a
public chat or IRC channel, but without the limitations of these two media 
(web chats usually got only one room, and IRC is very limited in pose length,
usually only 256 characters, while this MUCK allows for up to 4095).
For the private rooms, it's just because only the room owner can access (or
decide to share) the private log: by the way, all MUCK clients allow for such
logs, but the MUCK server gives better results (the commands reports are not
mixed into the RP log, and the log is presented with date stamping, name and
text per-character customized colours, and in a nice HTML format). Anyone can
decide to log their RP, and the fact that it is done at the MUCK client or at
the MUCK server level doesn't change anything as far as privacy is concerned...
- OK, but then, how do I know if a private area is logged ?
Just by typing '@log', without parameter...
You may also setup yourself with '@log #tell' so that each time you enter a new
room, a report is given to you, telling if the room is logged or not, public
or private (it's just as if you were typing '@log' after entering each room).
Setting up logging in your own rooms:
This is done by issuing the '@log #private=<log_name>' into the room for which
you want a private log to be maintained. Note that the log filename will be
automatically appended with ".log" and that private logs are prefixed with
"<dbref>_" where <dbref> is the #dbref number of the room owner.
If your character got #123 as the dbref ('ex me' to see what your dbref is),
and if you go into your own home and type:
@log #private=my_home_private_log
then, the MUCK server will setup a log file which name will be:
Give this name into the text entry field of the form at:
and your log will be displayed...
NOTE: the log is created as soon as something is posed/posted into the room.
Logs archiving policy:
The logs are kept during the current month in the main directory of the logs
website and are then moved to the archive directory on the 1st day of the next
month. The archives for the past month can be found at:

NOTE: The archives are _overwritten_ each month by the past month archives.
More info ?
See '@log #help' for details on how to setup a log or to check if an area is
logged as well as on how to change your character name and text colours into
the log files, and your logging preferences.

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