ZOMBIES HOW-TO
Zombies (sometimes called "puppets") are much fun to play with: they are like
secondary characters you can control with your main character. Most MUCK
commands do work with zombies (although, for security reasons, some don't).
Beware though: with too many zombies, you take the risk to see your screen
"spammed" (zombies report to your main character all what they "hear" and
"see"), which is something that can get annoying, particularly when happening
in the middle of a RP. Note that zombies are great for creating vore "toys"
(there are some on the MUCK already, I'm sure you already encountered them and
got to know them rather... intimately * grins *).
Here is the way to create a zombie:
1.- Choose a name for your zombie. It is recommended that you use the same
    naming conventions than for a true character (16 letters maximum and no
    space in the name), for else, many MUCK commands may refuse to work with
    your zombie. Let's say we will call our zombie "BullFrog".
2.- Create an object with the name of your zombie, registering its dbref in
    a variable for further reference (note: the text prefixed with "> " is the
    MUCK server reply):
    @create BullFrog==bullfrog
    > BullFrog created with number ####.
    > Registered as $bullfrog
3.- Make the new object a zombie:
    @set BullFrog=Z
    > Flag set.
4.- Make the object X-forcible and by you only (i.e. allow yourself to force
    the object to execute the commands you will send to it):
    @set BullFrog=X
    > Flag set.
    @flock BullFrog=me
    > Force lock set.
    Note that if you want your zombie to be forcible by someone else as well,
    you can change the @flock. If you want "Paul" to be able to control your
    zombie as well as yourself, you will use: @flock BullFrog=me|*Paul
5.- drop the zombie and arrange so that no one but you can 'take' it.
    drop BullFrog
    > Dropped.
    @lock BullFrog=me
    > Locked.
    Your zombie is already functional, let's test it:
    @force BullFrog="Wibbit !
    > BullFrog> You say, "Wibbit !"
    > BullFrog says, "Wibbit !"
    As you can see, the zombie reports what he "hears/says/does" by prefixing
    it with its name (here: BullFrog> You say, "Wibbit !"). As you are in the
    same room as the zombie, you also see, like everyone else in the room, the
    result of the command (here: BullFrog says, "Wibbit !"). Note that, to
    avoid spamming too much the zombies owners, if someone else speaks in a
    room where both you and your zombie are, the zombie will not relay to you
    what was said (as you already heard it yourself).
6.- Using @force is rather tedious and requires a lot of typing... Let's make
    it easier for you to control your zombie. We will create a new action for
    this purpose and will use MPI to send the @force command:
    @act  bf=me                       (you create the "bf" action on yourself)
    > Action created with number #### and attached.
    @link bf=$nothing     (all actions should be linked... even if to nothing)
    > Linked to do-nothing.muf(#81FLM3).
    @lock bf=me             (you will be the only one able to use this action)
    > Locked.
    @succ bf={force:$bullfrog,{&arg}}        (any argument after 'bf' will be
    > Message set                               sent as a command to BullFrog)
    Now, you can use 'bf' followed by any command to make BullFrog to execute
    bf :leaps forward.
    > BullFrog leaps forward.
    bf no
    > BullFrog> You head North.
    > BullFrog> The Voregotten .../...   (result of the 'look' command issued
    > BullFrog> A large area .../...  when BullFrog arrives into the new room)
    > BullFrog> Exits: <So>uth  -  <We>st .../...
7.- Changing the action to make the zombie to send a single space to the MUCK
    Some commands got "#setup" menus which may require that you reply to some
    prompts with a single space. You can't use the above 'bf' action to do so
    because spaces are automatically stripped by the MUCK server after the
    command/action names... Let's change our "bf" action so that 'bf _' will
    send a single space:
    @succ bf={force:$bullfrog,{if:{eq:{&arg},_},{lit: },{&arg}}}
    > Message set
    (do not forget the single space after "{lit:" and before "},{&arg}}}" !)
    Now, whenever you need your zombie to reply with a single space to the MUCK
    server, just type: bf _
8.- Describing your zombie, giving it a sex, a species, etc... Just like a
    normal character, your zombie can use 'editplayer':
    bf editplayer
    Don't forget to prefix all replies to editplayer with 'bf '...
More fun with zombies:
- zombies can have bellyrooms and use the 'vore' program to its full extent !
  Try:  bf vore #setup
- zombies can also be turned into bots. See: bot #help

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