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Voregotten Realm add-ons



Additional commands:


You can get this commands list from the MUCK by typing: globals

Name            |WD| Help         | Comments
action          |  |action #help  | to set your IC action as seen in glances.
ansi            |  |ansi #help    | to turn ANSI colors on for your character.
ansi-colors     | D|l ansi-colors | to setup your ANSI colors/attributes.
bot             |  |bot #help     | to setup and control "bots".
broceliande     | D|look bro      | teleports you into the Broceliande Forest.
chat            |  |chat #help    | A MUCK-wide OOC chat public channel.
eat             |  |eat #help     | to 'eat' and 'drink' food (see 'make').
editaction      |  |editaction #h | a menu-driven action/exit editor.
editobject      |  |editobject #h | a menu-driven object editor/hammer.
editplayer      |  |editplayer #h | a menu-driven character editor.
editroom        |  |editroom #help| a menu-driven room editor/hammer.
feel            |  |feel #help    | to 'feel' other chars & set how you feel.
fetch           |  |fetch #help   | to 'fetch'/'put' objects from/in containers
glance          |  |glance #help  | to glance at a char or around the room.
globals         |  |globals #help | lists all globally defined addon commands.
hand            |  |hand #help    | to 'hand' or 'throw' objects to players.
help            |  |help #help    | help pages on basic commands and topics.
helpstaff       |  |helpstaff #h  | to get info about the helpstaff and wizzes.
hread           |  |hread #help   | to read/write the Highlands message board.
hug             |  |hug #help     | to 'hug', 'tail-hug', 'lick', etc...
identify        |  |id #help      | to set and identify magic properties.
inventory       |  |help inventory| to list what you are carrying.
knock           |  |knock #help   | to knock ICly on doors.
language        |  |lang #help    | to use different languages ICly.
laston          |  |laston #help  | to see when people were last on-line.
look            |  |look #help    | improved 'look'/'lookat' command with ANSI.
make            |  |make #help    | to 'make' food and 'mix' drinks.
man             |  |man #help     | the on-line MUF manual.
map             |  |map #help     | to setup and view maps of given areas.
meet            |  |meet #help    | to meet/summon other players on the MUCK.
met             |  |met #help     | to keep track of which characters you met.
MindControl     |  |mc #help      | to control the mind of others.
money           |  |money #help   | to manage money and goods exchanges.
monster         |  |monster #help | to create fake monsters in your rooms.
morph           |  |morph #help   | to morph your characters and objects.
mpi             |  |mpi #help     | help pages about MPI programming.
mumble          |  |mum #help     | a mumbled whisper to one or more people.
news            |  |news #help    | help about the MUCK features and HOWTOs.
ooc             |  |ooc #help     | to pose or post OOCly.
page            |  |p #help       | a MUCK-wide paging utility.
peek            |  |peek #help    | to peek through an exit.
pinfo           |  |pinfo #help   | to get additional info on a player.
places          |  |places #help  | to setup and use private places in a room.
pose            |  |pose #help    | improved "pose" command with ANSI support.
programs        |  |programs #help| lists publically available MUF programs.
read            |  |read #help    | to read/write the main message board.
ride            |  |ride #help    | to "ride" or "carry" a character.
roll            |  |roll #help    | to roll dice in RPG style.
roster          |  |roster #help  | displays the roster of the Slavers' Island.
say             |  |say #help     | an improved "say" command with MPI filter.
settle-here     |  |settle-here #h| to create and link your home on the MUCK.
size            |  |size #help    | to setup size-dependent locks on objects.
sm              |  |sm #help      | to collar a slave, attach a leash, etc...
smell           |  |smell #help   | to 'smell' other chars & set how you smell.
spoof           |  |sp #help      | to post anonymously (for ambiance poses).
sread           |  |sread #help   | to read/write the Slavers' Island board.
stomp           |  |stomp #help   | to stomp down objects and characters !
sweep           |  |sweep #help   | lets you send back home chars in your rooms
taste           |  |taste #help   | to 'taste' other chars & set how you taste.
tb              |  |tb #help      | to post some text into a think bubble.
think           | D|think #help   | to set and use your telepathic abilities.
tport           |  |t #help       | to teleport from one place to another.
view            |  |view #help    | to view details on objects.
vore            |  |vore #help    | vore aid to swallow/digest/reform...
voreprefs       |  |vp #help      | to set your vore prefs and examine other's.
watchfor        |  |wf #help      | warns you when given players log in/out.
wear            |  |wear #help    | to design, wear and remove garments.
weather         |  |weather #help | to get the weather and setup your outdoors.
where           |  |where #help   | a character locating utility.
whisper         |  |w #help       | to whisper to people in the room you are.
who             |  |who #help     | the who/whospe/whodo/3who suite.
wimm            |  |wimm #help    | to set and read macro/microphile prefs.
witf            |  |witf #help    | to set and read transformation prefs.
wixxx           |  |wixxx #help   | to set and read fetish/sexual prefs.
@aconnect       |  |@acon #help   | to run some commands on your connection.
@activity       |  |@activ #help  | to check the MUCK activity statistics.
@adisconnect    |  |@adis #help   | to run some commands on your disconnection.
@aname          |  |@aname #help  | to add an alias to an exit/action name.
@archive        |  |@arch #help   | to archive your objects.
@backlink       |  |@backlink #h  | to create exits out and back in a room.
@bootme         |  |@bootme #help | to close dropped off connections.
@bugs           | D|look @bugs    | to hunt down bugs in MUF programs.
@bulletin       |  |@bull #help   | a log-on message program to supplement MOTD
@check          |  |look @check   | checks for an object messages setting.
@convert        | D|look @convert | converts metric to imperial and vice versa.
@counter        |  |@counter #help| to setup a visit counter in your rooms.
@cp             |  |@cp #help     | to copy or move properties between objects.
@date           | D|look @date    | to get the current MUCK date.
@doing          |  |@doing #help  | sets your 'doing' as displayed by WHO or wd
@edit           |  |@edit #help   | full screen editing for MCP clients.
@exits          |  |@exits #help  | lists all exits/actions of any given object
@image          |  |@image #help  | to set and view images of objects.
@info           |  |@info #help   | to view your private info or set your email
@keys           |  |@keys #help   | to setup and manage your key/pass on exits.
@lksetup        |  |@view $stclock| to setup locks easily in your rooms.
@lnsetup        |  |@lnsetup #help| to setup 'listen' events on rooms/objects.
@loc            |  |@loc #help    | to locate yourself in a TerraFormed world.
@log            |  |@log #help    | to check/setup the logging feature.
@lsedit         |  |@lsedit #help | to edit property lists.
@mpi            | D|look @mpi     | to test MPI macros.
@msgmacs        |  |@msgmacs #help| gives information about MPI macros.
@poll           |  |@poll #help   | to vote and see the results of polls.
@property       |W |@property     | helpstaff tool to read and set properties.
@propmut        |W |@propmut #help| to change prop values in the whole database
@propnuke       |W |look @propnuke| to remove a property on all MUCK objects.
@propren        |W |@propren #help| to rename a property in the whole database.
@purge          |W |@purge #help  | to purge objects pertaining to a player.
@register       |  |@reg #help    | to register an object dbref as a constant.
@rname          |  |@rname #help  | to remove an alias from an exit/action.
@rr             |W |@rr #help     | a room report administration utility.
@sound          |  |@sound #help  | plays a sound file from an URL.
@time           | D|look @time    | to get the current MUCK time.
@tips           |  |@tips #help   | to setup or view the tips of the day.
@tport          |  |@tport #help  | to teleport in a TerraFormed world.
@tramedit       |  |look @tramedit| to edit TRaM morphs libraries.
@uptime         |  |look @uptime  | tells the total time the server is up.
@vbcast         |  |@vbcast #help | to manage comms to/from vsys vehicles.
@vcreate        |  |@vcreate #help| to create complex, multi-rooms vehicles.
@vdig           |  |@vdig #help   | to dig new rooms into vsys vehicles.
@vexit          |  |@vexit #help  | to manage exits in vsys vehicles.
@vforce         |  |@vforce #help | to control and move vsys vehicles.
@view           |  |@view #help   | to display programs docs & libraries defs.
@vlock          |  |@vlock #help  | to handle permissions on vsys vehicles.
@vlookout       |  |@vlook #help  |to look outside vsys vehicles.
@vrecycle       |  |@vrec #help   | to recycle vehicles/keys made with @vcreate
@when           |  |look @when    | displays the timestamps of an object.
@whoall         |W |@whoall #help | lists all players, sorted by categories.
@@              | D|look @@       | null command: useful to "ping" the MUCK.


Public programs:


You can get this programs list from the MUCK by typing: programs *

-      #8 doctools.muf                     One              2005/12/17   @view
  $doctools : to setup your own documents, like used by 'help', 'man', etc...
-     #81 do-nothing.muf                   One              2004/07/27   @view
  $nothing : The standard do-nothing routine for dummy actions.
-    #141 machine.muf                      One              2006/07/26   @view
  $machine : A machine to build elaborate sex toys.
-    #146 obvious-exits.muf                One              2005/07/26   @view
  $obvexits : Lists the obvious-exits in rooms, usage: @succ <room>=@$obvexits
-    #182 SloMo.muf                        One              2004/07/27   @view
  $slomo : Makes 'slow exits', to simulate semi-realistic travel.
-    #185 freelock.muf                     One              2005/11/22   @view
  $freelock : A way for players other than the owner of an exit to (un)lock it.
-    #209 send.muf                         One              2002/09/24   @view
  $send : Broacasts to the room an object is in, or to a given room/person.
-    #213 noises.muf                       One              2002/11/09   @view
  $noises : Displays 'noises' in a room.
-    #217 TRaM-finish.muf                  One              2004/07/27   @view
  $tramfinish : Finishes the TRaM process.
-    #218 TRaM-start.muf                   One              2004/07/27   @view
  $tramstart : Temporarily Random Morphs a victim using the linked action.
-    #227 multihug.muf                     One              2006/09/23   @view
  $multihug : User-definable action program ('hug', 'lick', etc...).
-    #245 STCLock.muf                      One              2005/07/04   @view
  $stclock : Multi-mode exits locking program.
-    #246 objexit.muf                      One              2002/09/26   @view
  Exits linked to $objexit take the user to the location of a given object.
-    #257 knock.muf                        One              2003/12/06   @view
  'knock' is already linked to $knock, but you may also setup door bells.
-    #297 flylock.muf                      One              2006/01/21   @view
  $flylock : allows to lock exits from those characters who can't fly.
-    #311 return-thing.muf                 One              2005/06/26   @view
  $returnthing  : to set an action that will return a given thing to its home.
-    #334 vmoveto.muf                      One              2005/03/19   @view
  $vmoveto : to move your vehicles around.
-    #339 bell.muf                         One              2002/09/29   @view
  $bell : allows to set up a notification 'bell' for gaming areas.
-    #370 ClaimHome.muf                    One              2006/07/27   @view
  $claimhome : A program to setup claimable exits/homes in your rooms.
-    #457 far-TRaM.muf                     One              2003/06/04   @view
  $fartram : to force a TRaM on others (if they allow it).
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